Credit Score Increases

I promised you some reasons why your credit score will FLY through the roof… I’m going to give you the little moves first and hold on to your hat because the last two are going to KNOCK your socks off.

First, your new P2P account (if it does report to the credit bureau, some of these do not) will be a new type of loan on your file that MOST of us don’t have, which could move you to a different “Score Card” from the credit bureaus, this could lead to a small increase.

Second, if you don’t already have this type of loan on your file, adding one will improve the “blend” of credit usage which also should give you a small boost to offset the credit inquiry required to open the loan.

Third, it will potentially ELIMINATE your revolving credit card debt (if you have less then $25,000 in credit card debt), causing your “Utilization” portion of your credit score to increase to the MAX. (ONLY, please read this, ONLY as long as you keep the credit cards OPEN).

Fourth, oh my, this one is HUGE, it’s SO huge, I’m only going to give it to my clients directly and I’ll put it in my upcoming book “CreditWise”. Massive, MASSIVE score movements for this reason.


Let’s use an example as I just LOVE examples…You being Jill Average Consumer have an average amount of credit card debt of $9,000 and have used 50% of your available credit lines.

Basically no matter how well you have paid your debts, your score isn’t really all that great and the banks are rewarding you with 14-29% interest rate… how nice of them (In an upcoming article I’m going to talk about how many of the credit card issuers have deliberately damaged your score to take advantage of you, all in the name of the “New Credit Card Act”).

I digress…back to my example…So, you decide to consolidate (I LOVE that word too) and move ALL your credit card debt to a new P2P loan. POOF, your revolving utilization is now… ZERO! And as soon as those banks update your account balances with the bureaus your credit score will SKYROCKET! (Side note: in my upcoming book “CreditWise” I’ll explain how to get those credit card companies to update your account balances MUCH faster without a dispute to the credit bureaus, because in some cases we’ve seen banks not update balances for 7 MONTHS)

In Part 3, I’m going to share the BONUS way to drop your credit card debt even FURTHER than just with a P2P loan, I call this method the “Balance Transfer, Cash Advance” (also covered in detail in the book CreditWise) and I’m also going to show you that $100,000.00 !!

If you DON’T have a high enough credit score to use Peer to Peer lending, LET’S get you one, call me today so we can get started on your CreditWise future with credit repair, credit restoration and credit consultation services from Home Solution.

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Mark Ruiz

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